Curb (or kerbs) are not for parking!

If you look back a few posts, there’s a picture of an abandoned bike out the front of my house leant up against a limestone block.

I don’t know where the block came from but I know what it did: it stopped people parking vehicles up on the corner. Whether it was motorbikes, cars or delivery trucks at Galati’s it was all pretty annoying. Especially when a row of slabs one of the neighbours had put out for pedestrians were broken by the weight of the vehicles.

I had big plans for that limestone block: chief amongst them mosaicking a checkerboard atop it and placing other limestone blocks of my own around it for seating.

Alas, someone has nicked it. Long after the bike was retrieved.

Anyway, the cars are back on the verges at weekends. Haven’t seen a council parking inspector on their case though.

NOT a parking space

View from my house

Now I really need to get my act together to get the checkerboard happening and reclaim that public space for the people from the cars.