Cheap Accommodation on Wray

I bought a new car a few months ago and put my old one on the market. It was long in the tooth, needed work and wasn’t worth much – I sold it this week for $600.

As I don’t have any off street parking, I parked it (legitimately, with a parking permit) on Brennan St while I waited for a buyer.
In the meantime, a homeless bloke started living in it. The lock had been busted over a year ago by someone trying to steal it. I’d repaired it but someone busted it again in another break in so I let it be, preferring that to a smashed window.

Little Nick at Galati’s alerted me to it one morning while I waited for my car pool buddy to arrive. I went and spoke to the guy, asked him to keep the door closed (it was wide open) and let him know that I was selling it so he’d have to move on soon but I was happy for him to “sleep it off” if he had nowhere else to go.

At the same time, I’ve learned that an old high school friend is living out of his car as he can’t afford to live and (I’m extrapolating this) pay his ex-partner to look after his son.

So I had a bit of sympathy for the guy in my car. As long as he didn’t torch the thing and didn’t compromise the sale of the car I wasn’t too fussed. I gather the neighbours didn’t see it this way and the guy’s sudden disappearance was possibly down to one of them confronting him.

I guess that’s their right but I didn’t see that he was causing any real problems and I did have every right to have my car parked there. My mum was proud of me anyway.

Anyway, I’ve sold the car now. At $600, it was probably the cheapest piece of real estate in inner Fremantle.