What the shop?

The Laundrette has closed down on Wray Avenue at the only time I’d really use it: Winter.

I mean, where the hell am I going to dry my duds on the three or four days it’s going to rain this year?

I figured it had just gone out of business, since there’s a lot of talk about businesses doing it tough, with high rents and reduced returns. So I was pretty surprised when I saw some folks in there over the weekend setting something up.

And here’s a picture.

It looks like a restaurant of some kind, with a kitchen being set up in the back and two toilets being built against the right wall. In the front right of the space are bamboo poles and the frame (just visible) behind which is a pile of Balinese furniture.

So it looks like a Thai or Indonesian place. I hope the latter as Peds around the corner is pretty good for Thai.

What’s really cool about it is that, despite all the talk of businesses lacking confidence, the Wray Avenue precinct seems to be thriving. The (terrribly named) winebar Who’s Your Mamma? is also being set up at the moment.

I’m really looking forward to whatever this shop is and hope it serves great food!


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