The Laundrette

Just as a followup to my last post, I’ve discovered what the new tenant of the Laundrette will be and it’s not a restaurant at all.

Unbelievably, it’s going to be a dressmaker. Yes, another dressmaker!

I’m not sure what the attraction for dressmakers is on Wray but I’m not complaining. Madame Bukeshla’s store always looks incredible. It makes me feel jealous that I’m not female as I can’t wear any of their stuff but still get to see her cool store everyday.

Hopefully the two stores on the street will generate a buzz around the area attracting customers for the two stores – I hope they do well together.

The dressmaker will retain the name The Laundrette too, including the sign out the front.

I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing window displays competing for our attention on either side of the street in the future.

Wonderful stuff for Wray!


5 responses to “The Laundrette

  1. Sounds good, though I nearly only shop in opshops at the moment. I found out about it the other day, it’s the partner of someone I work with. I thought they lived in Mt Lawley or near there, so, surprising!

  2. Hi Heath! My partner…the one Simone speaks of above…showed me your blog tonight much to my delight and amusement! The much loved Laundrette is very soon to be complete its in its transformation to Pekho – wear + wares…a boutique for my label, Pekho (formally Fenton) and wares from some local artisans (Kietsu Studio and Jac Harley Homewares to start with) and not so local but fabulous artisans. And yes, though not totally local my self, though not so north as Mt Lawley, I am very excited about joining the neighbourhood! I have been welcomed by almost every passer-by, while painting outside the store, and many local businesses. Trish (Madam Bukeshla) and I are new friends! Drop by and introduce yourself! Look forward to meeting you!
    ps the sign goes next week…half going to a friendly couple who live around the corner!

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