Where’s the cheese?

Anyone who has shopped at Galati’s for a period of time will be familiar with their biennial cheese celebration.
Basically, the story is this.
Every two years they import the most enormous cheese stick you’d ever have seen. Think a big cheese stick, like the size of a man. This is bigger!
They attach chains to the monster and hoist it off the grounds that it stands up vertically in their shop.
Over the next few months, the cheese continues to mature, expanding and necessitating further hoistings lest it burst all over the floor.
When it is matured their is a big celebration in the store, with special cheese-cutting experts being flown over from the eastern states.
This tradition is a significant part of Wray Avenue’s heritage.
Anyway, the latest cheese has arrived. I took this photo of them setting it up when I noticed them busy after-hours.


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