Needles and pins

Today’s bin day and it reminded me I hadn’t posted this a fortnight ago.

The last time I put the bins out, just before heading off camping I discovered this little nasty by my wheelies outside my back gate:


Why didn’t the user just put it in my bin?

It was only three months ago someone kicked in my back gate and nicked my bike. Now I’ve got junkies shooting up and leaving their sticks in the alley behind my house – ridiculous!

So, I now have to try and find a sharps bin to put this in.

I’m still of the opinion that the needle exchange service planned (then canned) for Beaconsfield would have reduced this sort of occurrence. I play football (soccer) at Bruce Lee Oval in Beaconsfield and find needles on the field there on occasions. There’s kids that play on that oval, for heaven’s sake!

The needles surely have a better chance of being disposed of properly with a proper facility nearby.

If residents actually believe people aren’t using in our community, that these are dangerous “outsiders” or itinerants who abuse our streets, they have their head buried in the sand.

Worryingly, there’s a school less than 50 metres from my back gate – a school I want to work at.

I certainly worry about their student’s safety without proper disposal around the area, since the school would make at least as secluded a place to shoot up as the alley behind my house.


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