Wop-bop-a Doo Wop a-wop-bam-boom!

Siobhan’s Doo Wop hair salon has been a real success story on Wray Avenue. She started it up a few years ago and it’s built up a strong and loyal customer base. It’s the only place I’ll go to get my hair cut.

I went there this week to get my hair cut for a job interview and I’ve never seen it so busy.

You pay a premium price but the service is excellent, I really appreciate the complimentary coffee or drink, it has a super-cool vibe and the haircuts are the best I’ve ever paid for. For me, Siobhan’s taste in music is a real plus too. I also really like the effort she has made in the decor and styling of the place. The retro character really adds something unique to the street.

Siobhan told me something that really annoyed me though; one of the neighbours has been keying some of her clients’ and employees’ cars. He seems to be really annoyed by the increased parking on the street. She wasn’t entirely sure who he was but I’d like to find out. This sort of behaviour is really unnecessary.


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