Yoga Wrayurveda!

Last night I did one of the things that’s been on my to-do list for so long it has been gathering cobwebs: I went to a yoga class.

The end of year stress has been tightening my shoulders and traps so much that I’ve been in a real slump. I’ve always known yoga would be beneficial for this kind of thing and a whole lot more besides, including helping some general back problems that I have.

The Yogaveda Wellness Centre has been a yoga studio next to the Brown Cow Designs office beside Moondyne Joe’s for a while. When I went past the other day I picked up a timetable and made up my mind to go early Tuesday morning before work. That didn’t work out so I planned to make the afternoon session instead. That also didn’t work out but I new I had to preservere with my plan or yoga would go back to gathering dust and spider webs on my list.

I made the difficult decision to skip the South City Precinct meeting (where a couple of Wray Avenue matters we on the agenda) and take care of myself. I wasn’t disappointed.

I went to a beginner’s session run by Mimi (the usual instructor is Nikki Leaf but she was away in India). Mimi was very welcoming and extremely considerate of my lack of experience. She helped explain and model each of the positions from the session and guided me through achieving the correct form or modifying it to suit my embarrassing lack of flexibility.

The centre itself looks simple but clean and inviting. I’m not sure whether the aesthetic – polished floorboards and exposed brick – would appeal to hardcore yoga practitioners but I felt at ease and comfortable in the space.

The session cost $17 but you can reduce it to $15 if you pay up front for 10 sessions. All equipment is provided, including mats, rugs, cushions, blocks and straps.

As far as my back was concerned, I probably got a better outcome from this session than acupuncture or massage which costs considerably more. I’m really looking forward to my next session and, when I’m back from my summer holiday, will be purchasing a 10 session ticket!


One response to “Yoga Wrayurveda!

  1. Am sure you’re getting more out of it than from a massage or acupuncture session. And the main advantage is that you can practise by yourself at home any time once you’ve established a routine – something that doesn’t work with the other two! Enjoy your practice! 🙂

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