Second Lantern Making workshop

I’ve had really great feedback from people about the March of the Lanterns event.

We even got a bit of coverage in The Gazette from our lantern making at the recent Cappuccino Strip Street Club, with our photo in last edition.

Making the papers

Some people weren’t aware of the workshop we ran a couple of Sundays back or weren’t available. We’re going to run a second workshop on Monday the 19th from 4pm to 8pm. We’ve approached The Herald to hopefully get a bit of media for the main event.

I’m yet to confirm a venue, but probably can’t have it at my place due to some renovation work I’m doing.

If anyone wants to attend, we’d love to see you. We’re happy to have people outside of Wray Avenue who plan on attending March of the Lanterns on March 31 come along as well. Please tell your friends and neighbours!

Remember our goal is to get at least one lantern out the front of every house along Wray plus have a really fun community event on the 31st !

Please let me know by email or phone number ASAP if you plan to attend to help with getting a suitable venue.

My details are on the flyer that you can view here.

And keep up to date with the blackboard at the top of the stairs at 40 Wray Avenue.


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