March of the Lanterns – 7 days to go!

It’s all about March of the Lanterns for me at the moment – that and what feels like about a million other things!

You may have seen the article in this weekend’s edition of the Fremantle Herald. There should be something in the Fremantle Gazette too on Tuesday.

We have one last lantern making workshop that we’re running out the back of Madame Bukeshla’s on Tuesday evening from 6-9pm. We have a professional lantern maker coming to run this workshop. An example of her work is shown below.

We’d love to see people there who could help teach other people how to make lanterns on Saturday from 3.30pm.

Oh, and click here for the facebook event for next Saturday.

Some suggestions on how you might like to get involved include:

1. Meet up 6pm Tuesday at Madame Bukeshla’s for a cuppa and chat re: plans for Saturday

2. Hang around 6-8pm for a workshop with local lantern guru Bec Massey.

3. Reply back or call Heath on 0421 707 314 to nominate your interest in the following roles:

  • BBQ blazer (6.30-7.15pm / 7.15-8pm)
  • Set up  – moving couches, making glue, getting materials out, prepping lantern (2-3.3pm)
  • Pack up – moving couches, washing brushes, washing dishes (3.30-4pm / 8-8.30pm)
  • Lantern making support – demo how to do it, give people a hand, prep materials (3.15-5 / 5-6.45pm)
  • Lantern lover – will you make lanterns for your neighbours? (Tues + anytime 3.30-6.30pm)
  • Dish delighter – keep an eye + occasionally replenish washup buckets with hot soapy water (6.45-8pm)
  • Lantern gifter (7pm)

4. Bring down a BBQ, wheelie bins for rubbish, dish washing bucket for loan on Saturday

5. Bring salads to share 6.30pm Sat

6. Knock on your neighbours doors and invite them down

And that’s that, hope to see loads of you there!


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