Local rivalries on the field down the road

My football (soccer) team played a rare night game last week, rescheduled because of Mother’s Day.

It was a derby between my side, East Fremantle SC, and Fremantle United, clearly a bigger event than the Western Derby on the following weekend.  I didn’t see many folk venturing out to Bruce Lee Reserve on the cold evening, probably confused by the fixture change.

For me though the rivalry intensified when I saw another Wray Avenue personality on the field, none other than Josh Wilson, Fremantle Deputy Mayor and Fremantle councillor, who works at Melissa Parke‘s office and who was once tipped to be the Fremantle Labor candidate at the next state election.

He was a savvy midfield player wearing number 12, and I found myself playing against him on several occasions.

My side ended up winning 5-2, proving that there’s only one team in Fremantle!

I look forward to the reverse fixture and might take some photos.


2 responses to “Local rivalries on the field down the road

  1. Heath – your team was much too good on the night, and I suspect that you guys are not destined to spend long in Division 3. Feel free to drop in to the office on Wray Avenue and say hello one of these days. Nice to read your views on Wray Ave and other issues – including football. As someone who went to primary school over the hill at Freo PS (or South Terrace PS as it was known when I went there), I feel lucky to now work in my favourite Freo street – and obviously I haven’t fallen far from the tree!


    • That’s pretty special, working in your childhood neighbourhood! Have you got any old photos from the area? Were there still buildings where the basketball court is now at the Primary School? I’ve seen photos of a shop there I think, maybe from the late 70s. Don’t know much about that history.

      Oh, and I saw you playing for the Premier Division Masters the other week. Nice one. We’re sitting nicely in our division, if we win our last three games we’ll win it. So in say, maybe 5 years, we might be facing off against you in the Premier 🙂

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