Verging Bushland

During one of the recent Ecoburbia film screenings at Replants, Emma got chatting to co-owner Bruce by the firelight and the majestic balga grass trees and with a sense of excitement the idea developed to replant balgas along the avenue.

Bruce was keen to make some balga trees available to residents at cost ($50ea) for planting on the verges. Imagine the avenue spotted with clusters of these iconic beauties!

Bruce is liaising with City of Fremantle Parks and Landscaping and making the neccessary arrangements and we’ve already scoped out a few tasty spots that should looking smashing and talked to the nearby owners to see if they’re willing to get on board.

Bruce has pointed out that they take a lot of looking after for the first 6-9 months so it’s quite a responsibility, particularly with watering them during the long, hot, summer months.

To make it work, I reckon we also need volunteers to help out if any people who  this responsibility go away on holidays, particularly around Christmas. If you don’t have space on your verge, you might like to sponsor a tree! We can easily introduce you to people or take your details if you want to help them flourish on our street.

Before we do anything, we’re having a get-together at Replants from 6pm Tuesday 28 August at Replants. Cuppas are in order for a chat about the plant out and other dreams for our public spaces in the alleyways and verges (whether it’s with grass trees or something more ambitious, like trying to coax the Dockers to move to new training facilities on Wray!)

As for the great planting, it is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday 8 September and you’re invited to be part of beautifying the street. After breaky at Replants, we’ll finish digging shallow holes get dem trees in and have a shared BBQ lunch at Replants.

To make it all happen, helping hands will be needed for:

  • watering trees when sponsoring households are away (every couple of days for the first 6-9 months)
  • digging holes
  • traffic management on planting day
  • food preparation
  • turning snags and other delights on the BBQ!

Hope to see you there.


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