Replants meetup

We got together last night at Replants to discuss our verge planting.

It was great to see neighbours out by the Bruce’s fire, showing support for the idea  It was also nice to meet a few new people later on when we went for a walk to plan the sites.

I learnt a bit more about grass trees from Bruce. I new they took a long time to grow, but the one’s you can see in his yard are hundreds of years old, predating European settlement. There’s probably some in the metropolitan area that predate any European arrival, including that of The Duyfken or Dirk Hartog!

That makes the stands of them that Bruce is rescuing them from old growth forest. Across the metropolitan area, there are still

The Replants mission statement

swathes of them being bulldozed for residential and industrial developments without any real public concern or understanding.

Anyway, it’s wonderful that we can rescue even a few of them and beautify our street in the process. Some wonderful people have agreed to sponsor the trees, other champions have put their hands up for our foster carer program and we have volunteers for the great plant out.

We’ve selected the sites, about 8 in total.

The verge plant out is scheduled for Saturday 8 September. We’re starting with a breakfast at Replants and, once we’ve finished with all the hard labour, a barbecue by the fire.

I can’t wait!


One response to “Replants meetup

  1. Ten cricket ovals are being cleared in metro Perth a WEEK …the astonishing cost of our lifestyles. Anyone that wants to get involved is most welcome – check out Heath’s last post Verging Bushland and leave us a comment.

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