We need people to volunteer for different roles this weekend when we plant our grass trees.

Even if you’re not having one on your verge, you can still help with this project to beautify our avenue even if only for an hour.

Saturday is forecast to be sunny, so what better way to dry out over the next few days then to do some gardening in the sun. Along the way you’ll meet neighbours you never knew, get a bite to eat at the end and almost certainly have some fun along the way!

We need people for the following

  • digging holes
  • traffic management
  • food preparation
  • Stewed fruit maker
  • Porridge stirrer
  • Salad maker
  • Dish washer (breaky)
  • Dish washer (lunch)
  • BBQ manning
If you’re able to help out with any of these at any stage on Saturday, add a comment below.

Breakfast at Replants starts at 8am (I’ll have my espresso machine out!), we hope to be finishing up and having lunch back there at 1pm.


3 responses to “Verge-Vollies

  1. Hi Heath and Emma, thanks for the email. I just need some clarification about the grass tree – sorry, it’s been very busy here lately! Is there a plan for a grass tree to go on our verge? I think you said that in your text Emma, but I deleted a large inbox and your message and number in the process. Could one of you text me again and I’ll talk to you about Sat. Cheers, Sue Wallwork, 88 Wray

  2. Hi to all readers of the Wray Ave blog. We’re Dianne and Ian from no.49. and we’re putting our hands up to volunteer for the big Balga plant-out on Saturday. We’ve been away for 6 months and it was great to get back and find out about the plans for prettying up the avenue. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the planning meeting but we are looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday morning. Di’s happy to dig holes (have spade, will bring) while Ian would like to put his culinary skills to good use. Thanks to Heath, Emma and Bruce for making this happen and here’s to a vibrant Wray Ave community.

  3. Hi all, looking forward to tomorrow, Justin and I are happy to dig holes….. and my dad will come down to hold a stop/ go slow sign 🙂 I am to make a salad as well, looking forward to it and to meeting some of the neighbours….
    cheers Caitlin and Justin

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