“Best thing to happen on this street in years”

“Best thing to happen on the street in years,” commented a passerby as we stood around watering the last of the balgas, drinking a few home brews and relaxing after a hard day’s work with the sun descending towards the horizon.

I’m sure he meant the balgas we’d put in. They are stunning. But as he said it, I reflected that they weren’t the best thing about that day.

What was truly beautiful was the community effort, getting together with neighbours I’d hardly met and building something that will last, that we can take pride in. There’s the physical thing, the trees. But there’s also the communal thing which is so important and rewarding.

I think it was Justin who mentioned it before lunch, that it’s so easy to live somewhere and not know your neighbours yet how cool it was to be coming to work together on this

It’s true. It’s great to have made some new friends and to have shared this experience with others.

People have really taken note of the change in the street. Friends, work colleagues and even people who have just stumbled upon it through the internet have all commented on the project. They either saw us busily working away to put the trees in or have seen how great they look now that the dust has settled.

Massive thanks go to Bruce and Joanie from Replants for getting this to happen. They were up all night the night before digging up the trees. It wasn’t just the hard yakka on the street either as there was a huge effort behind the scenes to create fantastic food at breakfast and lunch to nourish us.

Here are some photos from the day, some taken by myself and others by John Douglass (from Brown Cow Design) and Wray Avenue local Di.

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One response to ““Best thing to happen on this street in years”

  1. Spotted the balgas last week on one of my regular trips to Galati’s… I didn’t know then it was a community effort – well done everyone, they look completely amazing. I love grass trees to bits – they’re so unusual and I’m all for native flora. Looking forward to seeing them flourish and inspire other street communities in Freo and beyond (Canning Vale anyone?) to do the same. Wish I lived on Wray – just adore the houses, and now the balgas!

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