On the verge of being able to play chess on Wray

A few limestones blocks leftover from a garden makeover became the inspiration for a feature on the verge at the corner of Wray Avenue and Brennan Street.

My next door neighbours (Jeanette, Sean and Nick) have told me that, when they lived around the corner on Little Howard Street, they used to play chess out on the street with neighbours. I thought a public chessboard would be a great thing to put in that open, desolate verage space – leading to an inter-street tournament in future, perhaps?

The idea has been in my head since way before the Balga tree planting but the beautification of the verges got me moving on it.

With my average tiling skills, I laid out a chess board on top of one of the blocks and laid two others alongside as seats.

I carted out the limestone blocks a couple of weekends ago now and haven’t had much of a chance to enjoy them.

So I was really stoked this weekend when I headed in to Fremantle and saw people sitting out there.

The first two people to enjoy the limestone blocks?

Hopefully I can weed the area this week and maybe mulch it to make it look a bit more appealing.

Then on the weekend I’ll put out some chess pieces for people to play with!


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