Chalking Wray 2012

Wray Avenue came alive with chalky colour again on the first weekend of summer!

Last year, we gave out chalk to every house and asked that they decorate their footpath. You can read about that here.

We repeated this again this year in what I hope will become a tradition.

Every house got a note and a chalk and were encouraged to get involved.

“Happy summer neighbour!

Are you sick of this stormy weather? Fortunately it seems like all the rain has passed by – and just in time for the first day of summer! Saturday is looking like it will be sunny and warm.

Last year we gave every house and business on Wray Ave a stick of chalk and invited people to reclaim our limited public space to make the footpaths a sea of colour and creativity for the first weekend of summer. We hope we can build on the dozen or so households who took part then and see if we can colour up the whole avenue in 2012.

There are people all along the avenue who are doing incredible things to add personality to our shared, public space. We’ve met so many great people in the past 12 months and seen so many beautiful things happen here.

So this weekend, we give you the gift of a single coloured stick of chalk and ask that you draw a picture or write a message from your heart on the path in front of your house. Your neighbours have been given a different colour, so why not take this opportunity to meet someone new and swap colours?

Please take time to be involved and share in this celebration of summer on Fremantle’s only avenue. If you really don’t want to, please return your chalk to the box at the steps at the bottom of 40 Wray Ave. And if you want to find some more, that’s the place too look!

Your friendly neighbours,

Heath and Emma”

It was fabulous as the photos below attest.

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One response to “Chalking Wray 2012

  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing Heath and Emma!

    Emma I didn’t realise this was your blog until now – another great thing! Thanks so much for passing on the housing info – greatly appreciated 🙂

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