March of the Lanterns 2015

It has taken a while, but it’s happening again!

That’s right, the March of the Lanterns festival first run in 2012 is happening on Earth Hour this month.

March of the Lanterns 2015

We tried to get it happening in 2013 but for various reasons we couldn’t get it off the ground but we committed to running it this year so we’re doing it all over again!

The awesome folks form this term’s Living Smart course are bursting to be involved and it’s going to be a blast.

We’ll be running it out of Replants on Wray Avenue from 3.30pm Saturday 28 March, with local musicians providing entertainment, and vegetarian food available for a donation.

We invite everyone in our local community to come down and make a lantern, meet old friends, make new friends, enjoy some local music and food and then take part in the march along Wray Avenue during Earth Hour between 8.30 and 9.30.

So turn off the power in your house, come on down and make a lantern to light up our community!

We first ran March of the Lanterns in 2012 and didn’t really know what it would be. We knew it involved making lanterns, music and community. And that we’d hope to get as many people out onto the street for as we could.

We also wanted to encourage people to think about their connection with everyone around them and the way they connect to and rely on the planet. We chose to do it on Earth Hour so we could, as a community, have a moment to reflect on how our behaviour can take so much from our world. Earth Hour gives an opportunity to turn off our power for 60 minutes and discover how many valuable and enjoyable things we can experience without relying on polluting, resource intensive energy.

We developed our lantern making skills with the help of the excellent Bec Massey from Little Carrot Productions and then organised the event. We used a almost entirely recycled and compostable materials for the lanterns and booked local musicians whose music spoke of care for our environment, something we’ll be doing this year.

We ended up with about 150 people sprawled along the verge of our busy avenue, watching musicians, making crazier and zanier lanterns. As Earth Hour approached, some kids asked if there was going to be a “march”. The musicians were up for it, so we walked being them with our lanterns held high, marching around the neighbourhood for the hour.

It’s was such a great night that we’ve been eager to do it again and because we’ve met so many keen and wonderful folk during our Living Smart course we’re going full steam ahead to do it this year.

If you’re interested in helping out with anything on the day, please get in touch.

Please note: this is a sustainable, waste-free, family-friendly event so please, no disposable plastic, take all rubbish away with you and consider walking, riding or catching public transport.

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