A whole year of things to come!

We’re having a get together at Replants on Wednesday 30 Jan from 7pm to catch up, see how all our new friends are doing in the neighbourhood and talk about some ideas we have for doing March of the Lanterns again this year.

We’ll have a BBQ lit if people want to bring food and it’d be great if you could bring a plate or something to share.

It’d be great to see you there, even if we’ve never met before!


Chalking Wray 2012

Wray Avenue came alive with chalky colour again on the first weekend of summer!

Last year, we gave out chalk to every house and asked that they decorate their footpath. You can read about that here.

We repeated this again this year in what I hope will become a tradition.

Every house got a note and a chalk and were encouraged to get involved.

“Happy summer neighbour!

Are you sick of this stormy weather? Fortunately it seems like all the rain has passed by – and just in time for the first day of summer! Saturday is looking like it will be sunny and warm.

Last year we gave every house and business on Wray Ave a stick of chalk and invited people to reclaim our limited public space to make the footpaths a sea of colour and creativity for the first weekend of summer. We hope we can build on the dozen or so households who took part then and see if we can colour up the whole avenue in 2012.

There are people all along the avenue who are doing incredible things to add personality to our shared, public space. We’ve met so many great people in the past 12 months and seen so many beautiful things happen here.

So this weekend, we give you the gift of a single coloured stick of chalk and ask that you draw a picture or write a message from your heart on the path in front of your house. Your neighbours have been given a different colour, so why not take this opportunity to meet someone new and swap colours?

Please take time to be involved and share in this celebration of summer on Fremantle’s only avenue. If you really don’t want to, please return your chalk to the box at the steps at the bottom of 40 Wray Ave. And if you want to find some more, that’s the place too look!

Your friendly neighbours,

Heath and Emma”

It was fabulous as the photos below attest.

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Save the Numbats!

It will have been a long time since anyone has seen a numbat around Wray Avenue – if anyone ever has!

Your more likely to see a fox these days. Seriously, I saw one trotting down the middle of the avenue about 3 years ago. Nobody believed me until reports in the Herald a year or so ago about backyard chooks being outfoxed in Whitegum Valley.

Foxes are one of the chief reasons numbats are so endangered. The little marsupial – Western Australia’s faunal emblem – used to range as far east as New South Wales. Now they’re found only in the Dryandra Woodland and a few, small pockets of forest in the South West (sadly threatened by the state government’s draft forest management policy).

So there’s something kind of funny that another British import is working so hard to save this species rom extinction. Lisa Hill, a English-born veterinary nurse, has a passion for these creatures that few born-and-bred sandgropers have for this little creature.

On Wednesday of this week, Lisa organised a viewing at Replants of a unique documentary made by Dr Tony Friend in 1996. There’s a clip you can watch here.

About 30 people came down to watch it and be enchanted by the antics of the little marsupial, one of Australia’s most endangered species.

Lisa has also coordinated a fundraising music event at North Fremantle Bowls Club next Sunday, 2 December, to raise money for the campaign to save numbat. The Facebook event, including details, is here.

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We need people to volunteer for different roles this weekend when we plant our grass trees.

Even if you’re not having one on your verge, you can still help with this project to beautify our avenue even if only for an hour.

Saturday is forecast to be sunny, so what better way to dry out over the next few days then to do some gardening in the sun. Along the way you’ll meet neighbours you never knew, get a bite to eat at the end and almost certainly have some fun along the way!

We need people for the following

  • digging holes
  • traffic management
  • food preparation
  • Stewed fruit maker
  • Porridge stirrer
  • Salad maker
  • Dish washer (breaky)
  • Dish washer (lunch)
  • BBQ manning
If you’re able to help out with any of these at any stage on Saturday, add a comment below.

Breakfast at Replants starts at 8am (I’ll have my espresso machine out!), we hope to be finishing up and having lunch back there at 1pm.

Replants meetup

We got together last night at Replants to discuss our verge planting.

It was great to see neighbours out by the Bruce’s fire, showing support for the idea  It was also nice to meet a few new people later on when we went for a walk to plan the sites.

I learnt a bit more about grass trees from Bruce. I new they took a long time to grow, but the one’s you can see in his yard are hundreds of years old, predating European settlement. There’s probably some in the metropolitan area that predate any European arrival, including that of The Duyfken or Dirk Hartog!

That makes the stands of them that Bruce is rescuing them from old growth forest. Across the metropolitan area, there are still

The Replants mission statement

swathes of them being bulldozed for residential and industrial developments without any real public concern or understanding.

Anyway, it’s wonderful that we can rescue even a few of them and beautify our street in the process. Some wonderful people have agreed to sponsor the trees, other champions have put their hands up for our foster carer program and we have volunteers for the great plant out.

We’ve selected the sites, about 8 in total.

The verge plant out is scheduled for Saturday 8 September. We’re starting with a breakfast at Replants and, once we’ve finished with all the hard labour, a barbecue by the fire.

I can’t wait!

Verging Bushland

During one of the recent Ecoburbia film screenings at Replants, Emma got chatting to co-owner Bruce by the firelight and the majestic balga grass trees and with a sense of excitement the idea developed to replant balgas along the avenue.

Bruce was keen to make some balga trees available to residents at cost ($50ea) for planting on the verges. Imagine the avenue spotted with clusters of these iconic beauties!

Bruce is liaising with City of Fremantle Parks and Landscaping and making the neccessary arrangements and we’ve already scoped out a few tasty spots that should looking smashing and talked to the nearby owners to see if they’re willing to get on board.

Bruce has pointed out that they take a lot of looking after for the first 6-9 months so it’s quite a responsibility, particularly with watering them during the long, hot, summer months.

To make it work, I reckon we also need volunteers to help out if any people who  this responsibility go away on holidays, particularly around Christmas. If you don’t have space on your verge, you might like to sponsor a tree! We can easily introduce you to people or take your details if you want to help them flourish on our street.

Before we do anything, we’re having a get-together at Replants from 6pm Tuesday 28 August at Replants. Cuppas are in order for a chat about the plant out and other dreams for our public spaces in the alleyways and verges (whether it’s with grass trees or something more ambitious, like trying to coax the Dockers to move to new training facilities on Wray!)

As for the great planting, it is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday 8 September and you’re invited to be part of beautifying the street. After breaky at Replants, we’ll finish digging shallow holes get dem trees in and have a shared BBQ lunch at Replants.

To make it all happen, helping hands will be needed for:

  • watering trees when sponsoring households are away (every couple of days for the first 6-9 months)
  • digging holes
  • traffic management on planting day
  • food preparation
  • turning snags and other delights on the BBQ!

Hope to see you there.

More Ecoburbia films this Friday – YERT

Another film comes to Wray Avenue this Friday, again organised by Hulbert Street’s Ecoburbia.

This one is YERT, or Your Environmental Road Trip.

The blurb from Ecoburbia describes it as follows:

An environmental documentary that’s not depressing! 50 states, One year, Zero garbage? Called to action by a planet in crisis, three friends hit the road with hope, humour . . . and all of their trash – to explore America (the good, the bad and weird) in search of breakthrough solutions to humanity’s greatest environmental challenges in this award winning docu-comedy.

As always (during winter), the movie will be shown at Replants (96 Wray Avenue) this Friday (the 17th), starting at 7.15pm. But people are encouraged to drop by from 6.30 to meet others and have a bite to eat. It only costs $5 for the movie, and $10 for a vegetarian meal (OR $15 for both!)

Bring your own beanbags, chairs, pillows, doonas, hot water bottles etc.

Your Environmental Road Trip