What’s next for Wray Ave?

Hello Wray-Avers

Gosh it’s been nearly a month since the pot luck catch at RePlants. There were so many great ideas being thrown around I really wanted to share them with those that couldn’t make it. Since then, there has also been some progress by various wonderful people getting these happenings going:

Wray Ave verge busy bee – Sat Apr 6
Clean Day – litter and pruning (prior to council greenwaste collection)

Wray Ave verge plant out – Sat May 25/26
Cheap vouchers from native nursery APACE make planting season a good time to get together…

Pop the dates in your calendar! And let us know what times of day suit you best here: http://doodle.com/s5inwsvkwhebxy5d

Meanwhile, back on Jan 30 at RePlants, Heath and I caught up with Therese from Gourmet on Wray and her kids, June & David Hutchinson, Paul Gamblin, Bob & Nellie, Heather, Mollie, Bruce & Joanie and Chris Dickison.There were lots of awesome ideas, including

– street / backyard busy bees
– skill sharing workshops (eg Heath’s vertical garden beds)
– a communal street verge compost bin
– verandah concerts
– a sculpture garden by Fremantle PS
– historical walking tours – possibly with David Hutchinson (following Alan Kelsall’s previous tour)
– a skills register
– pop up exhibits – bentech window perhaps?
– shared food growing gardens
– a Michael Mobbs inspired ecopop
– historical plaques for houses
– helping out others with their gardens
– home brew competition
– a lantern party!

Please let us know what you are excited about!!

Heath and I got quite involved in planning another lanterns party following discussions that night. But with the Blues n Roots festival leaving several people unavailable on Earth Hour (March 23), we were only aware of Heath, myself and Mollie to get things happening – with
support from Therese. With so many other commitments in the mix in Feb/Mar, I suggested to Heath’s dismay that we leave it for now. I hope that we can bring some music and warm glowing lights back to the Ave soon, it’s just more fun with more crew.

Apologies for any confusion with the chalk board dates at #40. Will update it soon…

Hope to see you soon  
love emma & heath